Kitty Lixo Reveals She Slept With Several Meta Employees To Get Her Instagram Page Back

"I contacted them on Instagram through my backup and still slutty account."

Credit: Kitty Lixo/Instagram

As a result of sleeping with several Meta employees, Kitty Lixo, a Model on OnlyFans, claimed she was able to restore her Instagram account.

On the "No Jumper" podcast, Kitty Lixo confessed that she slept with Meta employees until one of them was able to recover her Instagram page.

The segment was posted on Twitter by host Adam Grandmaison aka Adam22. According to Adam, Kitty sought the employees through LinkedIn.

There isn't any information as to why she was flagged, but it's assumed that she linked her OnlyFans account to Meta, a violation of community guidelines.

Kitty was stunned to discover that her Instagram page had been suspended, so she resolved the problem herself.

"The first time I got my Instagram shut down, one of my friends, he works at Instagram, he’s a guy friend," she explained. "So I started sleeping with him to have him get my Instagram account back. And he did, which was really nice of him."

Kitty added, "I contacted them on Instagram through my backup and still slutty account. We met up and like I f–ked a couple of them, and I was able to get my account back like two or three times."

Kitty continued by saying that the platform would send a different employee to look at your profile, and you need someone to push for your account to be restored after it has been suspended.

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