Adele Reveals Sia Once Called Her Lyrics 'Lazy'

"One time, I was in the studio with Sia, and I kept being, like, 'cuz’ or ‘but’ and ‘and.'"

Credit: Adele & Sia/Instagram

In an interview, Adele shared her experience when Sia referred to her lyrics as "lazy" as she kept repeating these three words.

During Elle's "Life in Lyrics" segment, the acclaimed singer took a moment to dissect some lyrics from her discography.

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As the lyrics from "Chasing Pavements" were discussed, Adele told a story about her time working with Sia in the studio.

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The star said, "I do remember on 19, I always used the word 'cuz.' One time, I was in the studio with Sia, and I kept being, like, 'cuz’ or ‘but’ and ‘and.'"

"She was like, ‘We don’t do those words. We don’t do those words. We don’t use words like that," she added. "It’s just lazy.'"

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Could you imagine calling one of the greatest lyricists of our time "lazy"?

"But clearly, I’m lazy," Adele continued. Meanwhile, in 2016, Sia and Adele collaborated on Sia's song "Alive." Check out the full "Life in Lyrics" segment below.

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