'Rolling Stone' Names Harry Styles 'New King of Pop'

"That's a typo & highly disrespectful to the legacy of Michael Jackson."

Credit: Harry Styles/Instagram

"Rolling Stone" recently released a look at its first-ever global issue featuring Harry Styles on the cover. However, it did not go down well with Michael Jackson's fans.

It came as a pleasant surprise for Harry's fans to hear him wax frank about everything. Unfortunately, they battled for the singer to defend "Rolling Stone" calling him the "New King of Pop."

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Credit: Rolling Stone/Instagram

One fan took to Twitter and wrote, "It’s pretty effed up that just because Rolling Stone decided to call Harry Styles the King of Pop, he’s getting dragged by thousands. He did not give himself that title. His quote about Twitter was absolutely on point and everyone is proving it today."

The reference to Harry as the "New King of Pop" certainly infuriated fans of the late superstar Michael Jackson!

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One person tweeted, "Rolling Stone what you're not going to do is try and erase Michael Jackson's legacy by labeling Harry Styles or Justin Timberlake or Usher or ANYONE ELSE as the King of Pop. No shade to those guys but they have yet to accomplish what MJ achieved & made possible."

Credit: Rolling Stone/Instagram

"Did @RollingStone call Harry Styles the new "King of Pop"??? @RollingStone needs to retract that issue immediately & reprint it. That's a typo & highly disrespectful to the legacy of Michael Jackson," another added.

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Someone else commented, "There will forever be only one King of Pop & his name is Michael Jackson. Harry Styles ain't close to what MJ accomplished or the impact MJ had. Dude got 3 albums, none went diamond & yall want to crown him. Embarrassing, Rolling Stone. Embarrassing."

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