Doja Cat Accused of Drug Use in Tinychat Room

"No, I'm not having fun. Because you're so f**king mean to me."

Credit: Doja Cat/Instagram

It seems that Doja Cat may be facing controversy once again, this time due to her alleged participation in drug use in a Tinychat room.

A video that has been circulating online shows the rapper wearing a black long-sleeve top and smoking a cigarette while interacting with other users.

In the video, she appears to be agitated and lashes out at other users, stating that they are "so f**king mean" to her.

When asked if she is having a good time, she responds with a resounding "No, I'm not having fun. Because you're so f**king mean to me."

Another user in the chat room asks Doja if she lives alone in her large house, to which she replies that she lives with security.

The user then states that living with security is basically the same as living alone, to which Doja responds with an angry "Shut the f**k up."

While it is not entirely clear what Doja is doing in the video, some people have claimed that it appears as though she is ingesting some type of narcotic.

This is not the first time that Doja has faced accusations of drug use, as in 2020, social media users speculated that she was high on drugs during an Instagram Live session in which she gushed about Nicki Minaj.

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