Canadian Actor Avan Jogia Shares Thirst Trap on Social Media

"But I don't want to make that movie, no one wins in that movie."

Credit: Avan Jogia/Instagram

Canadian actor Avan Jogia recently took to TikTok to share a video of himself confidently showing off his toned body, in what he referred to as a "thirst trap."

After that, Jogia asked his fans if the thirst trap was good enough and encouraged them to watch his new movie "Door Mouse," which he directed and wrote.

Jogia's feature film directing debut, "Door Mouse," is an incredibly stylish, punk rock, neo-noir-inspired movie that stars Hayley Law.

Credit: Avan Jogia/TikTok

Jogia has always been a fan of the film noir genre, citing its ability to talk about real issues such as power structures and how people in power keep the disenfranchised down.

A significant aspect of Jogia's movie is the way he pulls from the neo-noir genre and the punk rock style, incorporating comic book graphics as a way to present ethical questions around systems of power.

The film was born out of real tragedy, as Jogia explained to Yahoo Canada, "There were really people going missing when I was growing up that the police didn't do anything about, and it ended in tragedy. But I don't want to make that movie, no one wins in that movie."

Instead, Jogia wanted to explore the idea of a hero from that neighborhood stepping up to defend people and getting the bad guy.

Jogia refers to his approach as the "secret backflip" as a filmmaker, using a heightened, highly stylized version of our world as the vessel to raise questions that are very much grounded in our actual reality.

He hopes that by making the film an exciting and vibrant world to be in, it will be able to deliver real-life messaging to audiences who may not typically listen to movies that "hit them in the face with their messaging."

Overall, Jogia's "Door Mouse" is a unique and thought-provoking film that combines elements of film noir, punk rock, and neo-noir to explore important themes of power and justice, while still being an exciting and visually stunning experience for audiences.

With Jogia's talents as a writer, director, and actor on full display, it is definitely worth checking out.

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