Body Language Expert Analyzes King Charles III's Fondness for Kate Middleton

King Charles III has been known to exhibit his support towards Prince William's wife Kate Middleton for her commitment to the monarchy.

Credit: Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

Body language expert, Judi James, has recently provided an analysis of the relationship between the Princess of Wales and the King to Express UK.

James stated that the Monarch and the Princess have developed a "slow-burn friendship" over time. The expert added that Charles has generally preferred to associate with more paternal and intellectual figures as friends and confidants, such as Lawrence Van De Post and Lord Mountbatten, however, he has developed a fondness for Middleton.

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Despite initial apprehensions, as the Princess does not possess a love for horse-related sports, such as polo, which Charles is known to adore, James believes that Middleton poses no risk of upstaging her father-in-law with her star quality.

Furthermore, James believes that the Princess' ability to pay attention to Charles in public appearances, while not appearing nervous or subservient, only serves to highlight his importance as a royal.

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