Chloe Bailey Sparks Controversy by Collaborating with Chris Brown for Upcoming Single

On February 16, Chloe Bailey, one half of the duo Chloe X Halle, caused a stir on social media when she announced that her upcoming single, "How Does It Feel," would feature Chris Brown.

Credit: Chloe Bailey/Instagram

Chloe revealed the collaboration with Chris on her Instagram account, where she shared a photo of herself and the controversial singer.

The image depicted Chloe and Chris embracing each other in a pose intended for the cover of their upcoming single.

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Chloe was dressed in a black leather dress that accentuated her curves, while Chris wore an all-black outfit with a bomber jacket.

Chloe captioned the photo "2ND PIECE. HOW DOES IT FEEL @chrisbrown. 2/24," revealing the release date of the single.

While some fellow musicians expressed their excitement and support for Chloe's upcoming single, others were less pleased with her decision to work with Chris.

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Some fans expressed their disappointment and criticized Chloe for collaborating with a known abuser.

Chris has been accused of violence against women on multiple occasions, and some fans argued that Chloe's collaboration with him perpetuates a problematic culture in the music industry.

One critic expressed their opinion that Black women in music should not feel compelled to work with known abusers in order to achieve chart success.

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Another fan accused those who would defend Chris of overlooking his extensive history of violence against women, including accusations of sexual assault in both 2019 and 2022.

Some fans even went as far as to describe the collaboration as "disgusting" and urged Chloe to cancel it altogether.

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Despite the backlash, some fans defended Chloe's decision to work with Chris. These fans argued that Chris is a talented artist and that social media outrage is often selective and misguided.

Some fans expressed their hope that the new single would be a success and that Chloe would continue to achieve the recognition that she deserves as a talented artist.

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