Protesters Gather at Monarch's Palace, Criticizing King Charles III - Watch Video

King Charles III is currently facing strong criticism from protesters who have congregated around the monarch's palace.

Credit: The Royal Family/Instagram

In addition, the King has recently experienced an attack on his physical integrity when he was booed and had eggs thrown at him.

As a member of the British crown, King Charles III is set to be crowned alongside his wife, Queen consort Camilla Parker, on May 6th.

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However, in recent days, he has faced fierce opposition from the British people, who are protesting against the monarchy by brandishing banners outside the palace and attending public events where the monarch is present.

Recently, an anti-monarchy association cited on Twitter hundreds of protesters, stating: "Today we are going to Milton Keynes to ask the king some questions. You can join the protest at Christ Church Cornerstone."

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It appears that the public is seeking statements and a public debate from King Charles III. Until he provides such responses, protesters will continue to demand his removal and engage in polemics against his integrity.

Demonstrators have held up vibrant yellow banners that read "Not my king," while another woman displayed a drawing of King Charles III's face with the words "Not fit for purpose" written on it.

According to a royal expert, the low popularity of the royals can be attributed to Prince Harry's recent controversial revelations.

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