Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' Album Shatters Records with Over 2 Million Pure Sales in the US Alone

Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Well well well, look who's still dominating the charts like it's NBD. Taylor Swift's "Midnights" album just keeps on slaying and raking in those sales.

And let me tell you, the album has officially crossed the 2 million pure sales mark in the US alone, leaving all her other albums in the dust.

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That's right folks, "Midnights" has become the FIRST album this decade to hit this impressive milestone, beating out her own "Folklore" and Adele's "30" albums, which only managed to sell a measly 1.8 million and 1.7 million pure sales, respectively.

And if that wasn't enough, this isn't even Taylor's first rodeo. "Midnights" marks her SEVENTH album to sell at least 2 million pure sales alone, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since her "Reputation" album.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, a cool million of those pure sales came from vinyl sales alone. Can you say, "record-breaking"?

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