Story — Teen Girl Goes Against Mom's Will and Wears Swimsuit

"Hey, Isha, come take a look at this pool," exclaimed her cousin, Sarah, as Isha and her family arrived at her uncle's house.

"Wow, it's huge! We've never swum in it before," replied Isha, looking at the crystal-clear water.

"Well, today's your lucky day because we're about to change that," said Sarah, grinning.

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Isha and her brother eagerly followed their cousins to the pool.

"Oh, wait. I didn't bring swimwear," Isha realized, feeling disappointed.

"That's okay. You can borrow one of mine," said Sarah, handing her a swimsuit.

As Isha started to change into the swimsuit, her mother noticed and became uneasy. "Are you sure you want to wear that?" she asked hesitantly.

Confused, Isha replied, "What's wrong with it?"

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"It's just that, well, it's sleeveless. And it's quite revealing," her mother explained.

Isha looked at herself in the mirror and didn't see anything wrong with the swimsuit. "I think it looks fine," she said.

But her mother was not convinced. "What about your armpits? You haven't shaved them," she pointed out.

Isha felt embarrassed, but she didn't want to miss out on the fun. "It's okay. I won't lift my arms," she suggested.

Her mother's reaction surprised her. "Do whatever you want. I don't care," she snapped.

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Feeling hurt, Isha went into the pool with her brother and cousins. They had a blast swimming and playing in the water. But as they headed home the next day, her mother remained silent and upset.

"What's wrong, Mom?" Isha finally asked.

"It's just that I didn't think the swimsuit was appropriate," her mother replied, still visibly upset.

Isha couldn't help but feel frustrated. She had tried to compromise and make the best of the situation, but it seemed like nothing she did could make her mother happy.

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