Vice Ganda and Karylle Share Heartwarming Moment, Confirm They're More Than Okay

Recently was a wonderful day for comedian Vice Ganda as he had a chance to address an issue that had arisen on the popular noontime show "It's Showtime".

Credit: Karylle/Instagram

Vice and his co-host Karylle had a playful banter during the karaoke segment which had some netizens talking. However, Vice being the kind-hearted person he is, immediately took to Twitter to put the matter to rest.

In a lighthearted tweet, Vice shared a story of a special moment he shared with Karylle, Amy Perez, and Anne Curtis in the dressing room. He mentioned how Karylle was not offended by his playful teasing and how he still apologized just to be sure. He ended the tweet with a beautiful message, "WE ARE OK."

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Upon trending on Twitter, Vice promptly recognized the issue and dedicated himself to resolving it. In an earlier tweet, he declared that the mistake was his fault and that he would rectify the situation

Credit: Vice Ganda/Twitter

Karylle, who is the daughter of the legendary Zsa Zsa Padilla, has been a beloved member of the "Showtime" family since 2010. She and Vice have been entertaining audiences for years with their comedic timing and playful banter.

It's wonderful to see Vice and Karylle coming together to spread joy and positivity. The "It's Showtime" family is stronger than ever and their fans are sure to continue enjoying their hilarious segments for years to come.

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