Viral Video of Alleged Fallen Angel Statue in Russia Revealed as Hoax

The video was circulated on TikTok and YouTube, leading people to speculate about the statue's true identity.

Credit: TikTok/YouTube

The internet was buzzing with excitement on January 25, 2023 as a TikToker shared a mysterious video of what appeared to be a statue of a fallen angel.

The footage showed the statue being excavated by miners at a remote location 340 kilometers away from the Russian town of Zeya in Amur Oblast.

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The statue had a sword and a shield, with a large cloak covering its head and half of its eyes. The massive wings on its back only added to the eerie and otherworldly appearance of the statue, causing the miners to claim that it was indeed a fallen angel.

As the video spread across social media, people were left wondering if the statue was real or just an elaborate hoax.

Netizens were divided, with some claiming that the statue looked petrified and as if it had been turned into stone, while others believed it was just a prop from an old movie.

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The video was reshared on TikTok and even on YouTube, and people were left speculating about the true nature of the statue.

However, the excitement was short-lived as the press secretary at the Elga coal complex, Irina Kichigina, confirmed that the statue was a fake.

The two miners who stumbled upon the statue were reportedly from the Elga coal mine in the Sakha Republic and had taken it upon themselves to create a viral sensation.

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The statue had been lying around for a long time in the shift camp and did not belong to anyone.

Interestingly, this was not the first time that rumors of a fallen angel in Russia had surfaced. A similar hoax had emerged more than ten years earlier in 2011, when a skeleton was believed to have been unearthed in Russia and was rumored to belong to a celestial being.

The news segment showed a young man's skull found next to a skeleton of a sheep or a goat, leading people to believe that it was the remnants of a sacrifice or a ritual burial.

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