Demi Lovato Releases New Track 'Still Alive' from 'Scream VI' Soundtrack

Credit: Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato's most recent album, "Holy Fvck," marked a significant moment for the artist. Embracing weightier sounds, she grappled with heartbreak and the experiences that nearly took her life.

The album was characterized by its fearlessness, which caused Christians to seek the removal of promotional posters.

Recently, she has released "Still Alive," a fiery track included in the "Scream VI" soundtrack that she teased last month.

It is an anthem that highlights perseverance, with lyrics such as "Still alive / I don’t wanna just survive / Give me something to sink all my teeth in / Eat the devil and spit out my demons" forming the chorus.

In addition to its themes of survival, "Holy Fvck" also addressed Lovato's struggles with survivor's guilt. During an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, she explained that her track "Dead Friends" was influenced by the loss of friends who were close to her age.

She also shared that she had experienced a great deal of survivor's guilt after her overdose, which was compounded by the death of Mac Miller soon afterward.

This experience served as a powerful reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of making the most of every moment.

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