Prince Harry Credits Meghan Markle for Saving Him and Helping Him Find Authenticity

Credit: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Instagram

During a virtual book event on Saturday with Dr. Gabor Maté, Prince Harry spoke about the significant impact that his wife Meghan Markle has had on his life.

The Duke of Sussex acknowledged that he was once stuck in a world that was unfamiliar to him, and that Meghan helped him to break free from that environment.

He expressed gratitude for the space and wisdom that she provided him, and praised her as an exceptional human being.

Prince Harry also reflected on the challenges he faced in being true to himself, and acknowledged that there were moments when he felt pressure to conform to external expectations.

Some experts speculate that his comments may signal a warning to the monarchy that he will continue to speak out even after his eviction from the royal residence.

Nonetheless, the Duke of Sussex emphasized the importance of his wife's influence in his life and credited her with saving him.

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