GoFundMe Campaign Organized for Sean Beltran's Cancer Treatment

Credit: GoFundMe

Andrea Beltran recently organized a fundraiser on the crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, for Sean Beltran, a popular TikTok personality.

Beltran's campaign is aimed at raising funds for Sean's medical expenses, who is facing an ongoing battle with cancer.

Sean, a 20-year-old, underwent an amputation of his left arm last year after being diagnosed with high-grade stage 4 osteosarcoma/ bone cancer, which resulted in his arms growing up to 8.8 pounds.

He has been receiving weekly chemotherapy since July 2022, and his cancer has now spread to his lungs, requiring a thoracotomy on both lungs in the next few weeks.

The surgery and hospitalization will take place in the Philippines. Andrea Beltran has highlighted Sean's resilience and selflessness despite facing such significant challenges.

Sean continues to inspire and spread hope through his TikTok videos, while also giving back to the community through his involvement with the AKAY foundation in the Philippines.

The Beltran family is requesting support from the public to help alleviate the medical expenses for Sean's treatment.

They encourage interested individuals to donate whatever amount they can and to share the campaign on their social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

The family also asks for prayers for Sean's recovery and thanks all those who have contributed. For those who are willing to donate, here's the GoFundMe link.

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