Here's Why Blueface Doesn't Want Chrisean Rock to Interact With Other Male Rappers

Credit: Bootleg Kev/Instagram

Rapper Blueface expressed his displeasure towards his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, for taking a photograph with Rick Ross at the Super Bowl. Moreover, he reportedly threatened Lil Baby for sliding into her direct messages.

In a recent episode of The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Blueface clarified his stance on Chrisean interacting with other rappers, stating that their intentions are likely driven by ulterior motives.

He explained that such interactions would not be genuine networking, but rather attempts to exploit her. Chrisean backed up Blueface's point by remarking that many rappers are solely interested in pursuing romantic relationships.

However, she claimed that Lil Baby contacted her for music-related purposes, a statement that Blueface was reluctant to believe.

Blueface disputed Chrisean's claim that Lil Baby's intentions were purely professional, alleging that he had expressed sexual interest in her and attempted to pursue her romantically.

Blueface expressed that he was not comfortable with Chrisean engaging in such interactions, as he believed it was unprofessional to mix business with personal relationships.

The podcast episode containing this conversation can be viewed below:

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