Liza Soberano Chooses to Stay Away from Love Teams - Here's Why

Credit: Liza Soberano/Instagram

Liza Soberano, who is currently under the management of Careless, has opted to distance herself from love teams.

This decision was discussed during her recent appearance on Bea Alonzo's Youtube vlog.

Soberano stated that love teams, which are a phenomenon unique to the Philippines, can be detrimental to women's mental health and overall growth, hindering not only their professional development but also their personal growth.

As a result, she has chosen to abstain from participating in such partnerships.

"To be honest, love teams are a phenomenon only created in the Philippines, only existing in the Philippines," Soberano told Alonzo.

The star added, "And to box a woman like that is so dangerous actually for their mental health and also for their growth, not just as a professional but as an individual. So I stay away from that."

Previously, Soberano was part of a love team with her boyfriend Enrique Gil, but now she has chosen to pursue a solo career to further her artistic and personal growth.

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