Pop Star Katy Perry Reveals the Secret Behind her 'Doll Eye' Talent

Credit: Katy Perry/Instagram

In a recent interview with Vogue for their web series Life in Looks, Katy Perry has disclosed the undisclosed reason behind her unique "doll eye" talent that had gone viral.

The 38-year-old pop star, who was recently accused of "bullying" a very nervous contestant on American Idol, revealed that her talent allows her to keep one eye open at all times, allowing her to keep an eye on her hair and makeup teams to ensure that her look is flawless.

Perry explained that she has been sitting in a hair and makeup chair for 15 years and wants to give notes in real-time while someone is putting her hair up into a French twist and someone else is putting eyeshadow on her other eye.

The quirky talent had gone viral when a TikTok clip of Perry struggling to open one of her eyes in the middle of a performance surfaced last year, leading to many jokes and quips.

However, Perry has since made light of the situation and shared a clip of the moment to promote her Las Vegas residency with a witty headline.

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