Rising Rapper NAS EBK Proclaims Innocence After Arrest

Credit: NAS EBK/Instagram

The rap world was left in shock when NAS EBK, the rising star known for his gritty rhymes and ominous beats, was arrested on second-degree murder charges. But now, in a surprising turn of events, the artist has broken his silence and proclaimed his innocence to the world.

Taking to Instagram, NAS shared a cryptic message that simply read "INNOCENT", leaving fans wondering what could have led to his arrest. But it wasn't just his message that had tongues wagging - it was also his bold proclamation that only God could judge him.

It's a statement that has only added to the intrigue surrounding the case, which centers on a shooting that took place in Times Square back in February. According to reports, the incident left one man dead, and detectives believe NAS was involved.

Credit: NAS EBK/Instagram

But that's not the only brush with the law that NAS has had recently. Prior to his arrest, he and fellow content creator Buba100x found themselves in hot water after pranking civilians at a Shoprite in New Jersey. When things turned violent, NAS allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened one employee before making a hasty exit.

Now, with fans and critics alike wondering what the future holds for the embattled artist, one thing is for certain - this won't be the last we hear of NAS EBK.

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