Royal Expert Warns King Charles on Commonwealth Erosion

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On Commonwealth Service Day, a warning was issued to King Charles of Britain by a royal expert regarding the potential erosion of the royal family's hold over the 14 realms.

The expert, Richard Fitzwilliams, stated that half of these territories have signaled their intent to abandon the British monarchy.

According to a report by Express UK, this move could occur in the coming years, and following the recent independence of Barbados, several Caribbean countries including Antigua, Barbuda, Belize, The Bahamas, Grenada, and Jamaica, as well as Canada and New Zealand, have hinted at plans to hold referendums.

During his first Commonwealth Day as symbolic head of the grouping, King Charles drew inspiration from his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and celebrated with a service at London's Westminster Abbey, attended by other senior members of the British royal family.

The Commonwealth is a group of 56 countries that evolved from the British Empire, and Charles succeeded his mother as its head after she passed away last September at the age of 96.

Fitzwilliams' warning should be taken seriously, as the possibility of further defections from the Commonwealth could have a significant impact on the British monarchy's influence and power.

The potential independence of several of these territories could lead to a reshuffling of global power dynamics and may necessitate significant changes in British foreign policy.

As such, King Charles and his advisors must remain vigilant and proactive in addressing the concerns of these territories and working towards maintaining the unity and stability of the Commonwealth.

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