Story - A Confrontation with a Stranger from the Past

The air was tense as Walter Perez recounted the bizarre encounter he had while running errands in town.

A man claiming to be a former schoolmate approached him with a friendly greeting, only to quickly turn hostile and accuse Walter of being a childhood bully.

As Walter tried to deny the accusations, the man, who went by the name Kurt Galleon, grew increasingly agitated and began hurling insults and accusations.

Walter's heart raced as he worried that the situation might escalate into something dangerous.

Despite feeling shaken, Walter couldn't help but wonder if he had handled the situation poorly. Should he have just apologized, even though he couldn't recall ever mistreating Kurt?

The guilt gnawed at him, even as he tried to rationalize that he couldn't be responsible for something he didn't remember.

As he recounted the story to his parents, he couldn't help but feel like he had somehow failed in the situation.

His mother's teasing only added to his sense of unease, and he couldn't shake the feeling that he had been the one in the wrong.

The encounter left Walter with more questions than answers, and he couldn't help but wonder what other skeletons from his past might come back to haunt him.

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