WATCH: Prince Harry Reveals his Favorite Smell in New Interview

Credit: The Late Show/Twitter

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, recently participated in a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in which he answered a series of questions that Colbert has previously posed to various celebrities.

The prerecorded clip was aired on Tuesday, following the live audience interview that Prince Harry had with the host the previous month to discuss his memoir, "Spare."

In this segment, Prince Harry responded to fifteen questions that ranged from his favorite sandwich to his views on the afterlife.

Among his responses, Prince Harry named his wife, Meghan Markle, as his favorite smell and a cheese and ham toastie with dijon mustard as his favorite sandwich.

Additionally, he disclosed that he is afraid of snakes and that his most frequently used phone app is BetterUp coaching platform, which provides mental health coaching.

Lastly, when asked to describe the rest of his life in five words, Prince Harry responded with "freedom, happiness, clarity, space, love."

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