Athlete Beatriz Flamini Emerges from 500-Day Underground Cave Isolation

Credit: Beatriz Flamini/Facebook

Beatriz Flamini, a 50-year-old athlete from Madrid, has completed a 500-day isolation experiment in an underground cave located in southern Spain.

As reported by PEOPLE, the experiment, dubbed "Timecave," aimed to evaluate how humans would manage living underground for a prolonged period.

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Flamini entered the cave, situated 70 meters (230 feet) below the earth's surface, on November 20, 2021, and exited on Friday at 9 a.m. local time.

The athlete occupied her time exercising, reading, drawing, painting, and knitting.

Monitoring and Record-Breaking

Throughout the 500-day isolation, Flamini was monitored by speleologists, psychologists, and researchers, but they never interacted with her.

Her team believes she holds the record for the longest time anyone has ever survived underground, although the Guinness Book of Records has yet to confirm.

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During her stay, Flamini lost track of time, forgetting that she had spent about 500 days underground, and only remembered about 160 or 170 days.

Experiencing Challenges

The underground experiment was not without challenges. Flamini had to endure auditory hallucinations and even had to persevere through a fly invasion, which left her covered in bugs.

Speaking to reporters, she explained that she had never considered pressing the panic button she was given, emphasizing the importance of keeping fear at bay.

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Flamini's experiences were part of a wider project to assess the effects of extreme temporary disorientation and social isolation on the human body.

Thrilled by the Experience

While she had to be helped to stand due to balance issues, Flamini was thrilled by the experience, calling it "excellent" and "unbeatable."

She encouraged individuals to remain conscious of their feelings and never let panic take over, lest they become paralyzed.

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Flamini's exit from the cave marks the end of a unique experiment that may provide significant insights into how humans can manage and cope with long periods of isolation in extreme environments.

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