Ellie Goulding's Music Career, Climate Activism, and Future Plans

Credit: Ellie Goulding/Instagram

British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has been making headlines with the release of her new album, "Higher Than Heaven," which she describes as her "least personal album" yet. However, despite its lack of vulnerability, Goulding still connects with the high-energy dance tracks and looks forward to touring to perform them.

According to PEOPLE, Goulding, a passionate climate change activist, has also been frustrated with the state of the world and the lack of urgency from world leaders to reduce pollution and its effects. While she's never written about such topics before, she's considering incorporating them into her music for future projects.

In the meantime, she's taking her climate passion on the road for her upcoming world tour. Goulding successfully conducted a carbon-neutral tour in 2021 and is determined to do it again. She acknowledges the difficulty in combatting poor merchandise materials and plastic waste but hopes to inspire every musician to go in the direction of sustainability.

Looking ahead, Goulding plans to spend more time in her newly built studio and hopes to apply her introspective mindset to her music. She intends to write about deeper feelings and poetry in the future, in contrast to the pop venture of "Higher Than Heaven."

Despite her latest album's departure from personal experiences, Goulding's career and activism demonstrate her dedication to making a positive impact on the world, both through her music and her actions.

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