Video of Connor Sturgeon Attacking Old National Bank Goes Viral

Credit: csturg41_/Instagram

Unfortunately, workplace violence is not a new concept. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 2 million reports of workplace violence each year. While many of these incidents may go unreported, those that do often become trending topics on social media.

One such incident occurred in Louisville, Kentucky, recently, when 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon opened fire at Old National Bank, killing five people and injuring eight others, as reported by CNN.

Sturgeon, a bank employee, had been struggling to fit in before the shooting. According to reports, he was on the verge of being terminated from his job when he entered the bank with a rifle.

He livestreamed the attack on Instagram, which quickly became a trending topic on social media platforms such as Twitter. The video has since been removed from Instagram.

While the shooter's motive remains unclear, a search warrant was executed at Sturgeon's home, and police hope items that were recovered will help shed light on the motive.

At a press conference, Mayor Craig Greenberg disputed reports that Sturgeon had been given a notice of termination from Old National Bank. However, it is clear that Sturgeon had been struggling before the attack.

The five victims of the shooting were all between the ages of 40 and 64 and were identified as Joshua Barrick, Juliana Farmer, Tommy Elliott, Deana Eckert, and James Tutt. Eight others were injured, including a 26-year-old police officer who graduated from the police academy just 10 days before the shooting.

In the aftermath of the shooting, social media was flooded with messages of condolence and support for the victims and their families. The incident also sparked a discussion about workplace violence and the need for better mental health support in the workplace.

While incidents like the shooting at Old National Bank are tragic and heartbreaking, they also serve as a reminder of the need to address workplace violence and mental health in a proactive and preventative manner.

Employers can take steps to identify potential warning signs and provide support to employees who may be struggling. By doing so, we can work to prevent future incidents of workplace violence and create safer workplaces for all.

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