Madonna Reportedly Undergoing Procedures to Restore Her Natural Looks

Credit: Madonna/Instagram

According to reports from Daily Mail, Madonna, also known as the Queen of Pop, is reportedly affected by the criticism she has received for her youthful appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Despite her bold front, a source revealed that the criticism affects her, and she is currently undergoing procedures to restore her natural looks in preparation for her upcoming world tour.

Madonna is said to be enlisting her children in her shows and is putting in a lot of effort to make this tour perfect, potentially her last one.

She is known for her perfectionism and working with a new crew who can take direction.

The Grammy Award winner has faced criticism for her appearance, and she addressed the backlash on Instagram, where she spoke about the ageism and misogyny in society.

She also stated that she has never apologized for her appearance and will not start doing so.

She believes that this is a test, and she is happy to blaze the trail for women who come after her.

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  1. I hope she does it...she's so pretty naturally and in such great shape. She doesn't need those Kardashian tricks. She's a great performer live but she really truly doesn't need to be "Vulgar" to get a hit.

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