Post Malone Releases New Single 'Chemical' with Pop-Centric Sound

Credit: Post Malone/Instagram

Post Malone, the Utah-based artist known for his moody and somber offerings, has released a new single just in time for summer.

Titled "Chemical," the pop-centric track features a bright and catchy chorus that contrasts with much of the artist's previous work.

Teasing the release on Twitter, Post Malone shared a 15-second clip with fans, writing, "Chemical out Friday."

The song's production may be upbeat, but the lyrics stay true to the artist's brand, with lines like "Fresh out of the party / Smoking in the car with you / Seven nation army / Fighting in the bar with you."

In a 2022 cover story with Billboard, Post Malone discussed the pressures he faced from his label to release more songs on his album, stating that he was "trying to rebuild" himself amidst these pressures.

"I've made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don't feel like I want to anymore," he said.

Despite his past successes, including his chart-topping fourth studio album "Twelve Carat Tooth", Post Malone is focused on staying true to his art and gut instincts.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, fans can expect more thought-provoking and authentic music from the Utah-based artist.

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