Jesy Nelson's 'Bad Things' Music Video Captivates Fans - Watch

Credit: Jesy Nelson/YouTube

Former Little Mix star, Jesy Nelson, is back and aiming to set the music world ablaze with her latest single "Bad Things." The haunting track marks the first solo release from Nelson since the polarizing launch offering "Boyz" arrived in October 2021.

The release of "Bad Things" has been met with a great deal of excitement from fans who have been eagerly anticipating new music from Nelson. The song, which explores the theme of being drawn to the wrong type of person, has captivated listeners with its powerful lyrics and mesmerizing melody.

But it's not just the music that has fans raving; it's the accompanying music video that has really taken things to the next level. Inspired by notorious gangsters, The Kray Twins, the cinematic visual is a work of art that has left fans in awe.

In the video, Nelson's captivating presence is on full display as she brings to life the lyrics of the song. The video's dark, moody aesthetic perfectly captures the haunting quality of the music, while the nods to The Kray Twins add an extra layer of intrigue.

Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement about the new release, with many praising Nelson for her talent and artistry. Some fans have even gone as far as to say that "Bad Things" is their new favorite song, with the music video being a standout moment.

It's clear that Jesy Nelson's return to the music scene has been a success. With "Bad Things" and its captivating music video, she has proven that she has what it takes to stand out as a solo artist. Fans are excited to see what she has in store next and can't wait to see what she'll release in the future.

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