Prince Harry Punished for Racism by Princess Diana, New Book Reveals

Credit: Lady Diana, Princess of Wales/Instagram

A recently published book by Robert Jobson, a reputable biographer of the Royal family, has disclosed an incident in which Prince Harry was reprimanded by his late-mother, Princess Diana, for making "casually" racist comments to a Sikh bus conductor during a special tour of London.

According to an extract from the book, published in the Daily Mail, Diana was mortified by Harry's behavior and immediately ordered the trip to be abandoned.

After the incident, she made Harry apologize in writing to Inspector Wharfe and stressed her zero-tolerance stance on racism.

The author confirmed the incident's authenticity, including the existence of the letter in which Harry jokingly referred to his inappropriate behavior.

Despite his young age, the incident underscores Diana's and Charles' shared belief that racism, in any form, had no place in their children's upbringing.

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