Prince Harry and Prince William's 'Final Words' for their Late Mom

Singer said Harry and William recollected how they dealt with their mother's demise. Harry was then 12, and William was 15.

Prince Harry and Prince William. | Photo: Instagram/Kensington Palace

Prince Harry and Prince William experienced the greatest torment when their mom, Princess Diana, passed away.

The royal brothers had spoken their last comment on their mother, who died in a car crash in Paris. The documentary, "Diana, 7 Days," investigates the seven days after the Princess of Wales' passing.

Directed by Henry Singer, it includes "final words" from William and Harry, as well as Diana's siblings, former members of the Royal Household, and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

As per Singer, he was permitted to ask any questions to Harry and William for the film, which was broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC in August 2017.

But the siblings could decline to answer too. Although he didn't reveal what his questions were, Singer said he figured out how to get their "final word" on their mom.

Diana died on August 31, 1997, when the car she was riding in crashed inside a tunnel in Paris. The tragic incident took place a year after her divorce from Prince Charles was finalized.

A worldwide overflowing of distress followed - a testament to how much Diana had charmed the world.

Singer said Harry and William recollected how they dealt with their mother's demise. Harry was then 12, and William was 15.

"They talk about coming down to London, what it was like to go outside and how people were so anxious to see them, and how people were crying, and yet they didn't cry," he told Radio Times.

Singer said Harry remembered how he suppressed his tears while the huge crowd wept.

He explained, "My film may not have the headlines that other films have had, but I would like to think I will do something that lasts the test of time, and that, for me, is much more important than breaking news."

"I think the Princes hope they have answered these questions once and for all, and they don't need to be asked them anymore," he continued, "and that people can refer back to this film and our words within it if they have questions. That this is their first, and final word on it," Singer said.

Meanwhile, "Diana, 7 Days" drew 5.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched TV program that night in the UK.

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