Quran McCain's Emotional TikTok Video Sparks Concern for Queen Cheryl

Credit: Queen Cheryl/Instagram

The welfare of Queen Cheryl, a social media influencer, has been a concern for her fans after her partner, Quran McCain, posted a TikTok video in which he was seen crying.

Queen Cheryl and Quran have gained a significant following on TikTok due to their unconventional relationship, which has a considerable age difference between them.

The couple has managed to attract a large number of followers on the platform since then. On March 31, some of their followers grew concerned for Queen Cheryl after seeing the emotional video posted by Quran.

In response, some users asked about the wellbeing of Queen Cheryl and speculated about their relationship status.

However, some missed reading the caption that clarified that Quran was upset because they could not find a surrogate.

It is not the first time that Queen Cheryl has been surrounded by false rumors about her death, and it remains unclear how this started.

Quran was quick to dispel any rumors and confirm that Queen Cheryl was well. Currently, as of March 2023, the couple is still together and hopes to start a family soon.

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