Taylor Swift Explains How She Injured Her Hand During Performance

Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, has addressed concerns regarding her left palm injury that occurred during her performance at NRG Stadium in Houston over the weekend.

The injury was first noticed by fans following images that appeared online following the show. However, the singer has reassured her fans that she is doing well and shared what caused the injury to her guitar chord-playing hand.

The Incident

Swift took to her Instagram on Monday to respond to her fans' concerns, explaining that the injury occurred when she tripped on her dress hem backstage while rushing for a quick costume change.

She further clarified that the incident was her fault completely and that she was not hurt by any external factor. Swift joked about the occurrence being "very Mercury in retrograde coded," to lighten the mood.

Swift's Endurance

Fans of the singer have been buzzing about her ability to continue with her three-hour set despite the visible injury. One fan even traced back photos from the night to identify when the injury occurred.

They expressed their awe and admiration for the singer's endurance, noting that she did not show any indication of pain during her performance.

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