Ben Affleck Shares His Thoughts on the Shelved 'Batman' Movie

Credit: Ben Affleck/Facebook

Actor and director Ben Affleck recently shared his insights regarding the abandoned "Batman" film during Zack Snyder's Full Circle fan event.

The 50-year-old stated that his plans for the DC Extended Universe were to present complex and nuanced characters, particularly the nemesis Deathstroke.

Affleck expressed that he aimed to make Deathstroke a multifaceted adversary, rather than a one-dimensional villain or part of a group of villains, as in Injustice.

He explained that he sought to delve into the character's depth and detail to make him as impressive as he felt there was an opportunity to do.

In 2016, Warner Bros. had assigned Affleck to star and direct the standalone Batman film, but the Daredevil star withdrew from the project due to script disagreements.

Speaking to IGN, Affleck stated that he was never satisfied with the script, and that was a major obstacle.

The Oscar winner said that he was attempting to solve the script's problem, but he was never pleased enough with it to go out and create it.

As a result, he was unable to make a version that would excite him and therefore did not continue with the project.

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