Prince Harry Admits Previous Drug Use, Prompting Public to Call for Review of Visa Application

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has recently disclosed that he had used cocaine, cannabis, and magic mushrooms in the past to help him cope with the death of his mother, Princess Diana, according to reports.

This admission has caused concern among the US public, leading to calls for a review of his visa application by the Department of Homeland Security.

According to a survey conducted by, 54% of respondents believe that Prince Harry's visa application should be reviewed in light of his previous drug use, while 29% believe it should not. The remaining 17% remain neutral on the matter.

Commentator Nile Gardiner has also weighed in on the issue, stating that the principle of equal application of US immigration law is of utmost importance.

Gardiner emphasized that no individual, regardless of their status or background, should be above the law and that immigration law must be applied effectively and consistently in all cases.

In a recent interview, Prince Harry shared his past drug use experiences, noting that while cocaine had little effect on him, marijuana had helped him during his difficult times.

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