Britney Spears Pays Over $4 Million in Legal Fees to Lawyer Mathew Rosengart's Firm

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears has paid her lawyer Mathew Rosengart's law firm a total of $4.2 million in legal fees from November 2021 to March 2023, according to TMZ sources.

The fees, which Rosengart's team says only represent a portion of what Britney has paid, have caused tension among members of her team. Consequently, Rosengart has agreed to provide free legal services for the immediate future.

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Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

In an ongoing case against her father, Jamie Spears, Rosengart has been providing legal services for various areas of Britney's life, including ending her conservatorship, music, her book deal, and other matters.

The lawyer has been critical of the exorbitant lawyers' fees connected to Britney's 13-year-long conservatorship. Legal documents filed by Rosengart reveal that dozens of lawyers made over $30 million from the case.

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Despite being reportedly worth $60 million when the conservatorship ended, sources say Britney's worth has now decreased significantly.

According to TMZ, they contacted Rosengart's law firm for comment, but no response has been received so far.

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