Man Claiming to be JAY-Z's Son Takes Paternity Case to Supreme Court

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Rymir Satterthwaite, a man who claims to be the illegitimate son of JAY-Z, is taking his paternity case to the Supreme Court in an effort to compel the Roc Nation founder to take a paternity test.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Satterthwaite alleges that JAY-Z has intentionally avoided taking the test in order to avoid being revealed as his father.

He has been fighting for acknowledgement from the rapper for over a decade, having filed numerous civil lawsuits and legal complaints.

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Satterthwaite recently filed a new motion with the New Jersey Supreme Court to unseal the case and force JAY-Z to take the test.

His motion contains every detail of his paternity case dating back to 2012. JAY-Z's attorneys have responded to the claims, stating that the allegations have already been thoroughly reviewed by the courts and have been refuted.

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