Grammy-Winning Artist Lizzo Postpones Show Due to Battle with Strep Throat

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

American singer, rapper and flutist Lizzo has postponed her second show due to health issues. In a video posted on her social media accounts, the Grammy award-winning artist revealed that she had been forced to cancel her performance in Hartford, Connecticut, due to a severe case of strep throat.

Lizzo, known for her chart-topping hits including "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell," had previously canceled a show in Montreal due to flu-like symptoms, which she later confirmed tested negative for COVID-19.

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However, in her latest announcement, the artist stated that she had tested positive for strep throat, and as a result, it would be unwise for her to sing while her throat is still raw and swollen.

In the video, Lizzo apologized to her fans in Hartford and expressed her disappointment at having to cancel the show. She acknowledged that in the past, she had pushed herself to perform despite her health issues but recognized that this was not the best course of action. Lizzo assured her fans that all tickets for the postponed show would be honored for a rescheduled date.

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In her social media caption, Lizzo apologized to her fans once again and promised to return stronger and better for her future performances. The artist emphasized the importance of taking care of her health so that she can provide her fans with the best possible show experience.

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