Psychologist: Sam Asghari Preparing for Potential Breakup with Britney Spears

Credit: Sam Asghari/Instagram

Sam Asghari's social media activity suggests he may be preparing for a potential breakup with Britney Spears, a year after their marriage, according to a psychologist, Jo Hemmings, who spoke to The Sun.

Asghari has been vocal about various issues on his Instagram account, which Hemmings claims is an attempt to be "respected by all" so that if he does leave Spears, people won't blame him.

Hemmings also believes that Asghari has a "Messiah Complex" and is trying to position himself as a "life guru" who can offer advice to all people.

If they do split, Hemmings predicts that Asghari will convince himself and others that he did everything he could to help Spears, without holding himself accountable for any missteps.

Despite his support for Spears after the termination of her conservatorship, Hemmings suggests that Asghari's recent Instagram activity indicates some suspicious intentions.

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