Body of Arby's Employee Found in Freezer: Investigations Suggest Accident

Credit: Arby's/Facebook

A tragedy unfolded at an Arby's restaurant in Louisiana as a female employee's lifeless body was discovered inside the freezer by a co-worker.

The incident occurred on Thursday, and investigations are currently underway to ascertain the cause of death and the victim's identity.

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A somber incident occurred at an Arby's restaurant in Louisiana when the lifeless body of a female employee was discovered in the restaurant's freezer by a co-worker.

According to KADN News 15, the discovery was made at approximately 6:30 pm on Thursday evening. Investigations into the incident have begun, and preliminary findings suggest that it was an accident.

New Iberia Police Capt. Leland Laseter has stated that the incident is unusual, and as such, extra precautions are being taken during the investigation.

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The crime scene has been thoroughly processed, and investigations suggest that the incident was not a homicide but a tragic accident.

To determine the cause of death and confirm the victim's identity, an autopsy will be conducted on the employee.

The authorities are cooperating with the Arby's restaurant management to establish the sequence of events leading up to the incident.

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