Vegan's Request for Neighbor to Close Window When Cooking Meat Sparks Debate

A dispute has arisen in the northern suburbs of Perth over the smell of meat cooking, as a resident's request to their neighbor to close their window when cooking meat has been met with a backlash.

The letter was written on behalf of their vegan family members who were upset by the "sickening" smell of the meat, and has since sparked a heated debate on social media.

According to PerthNow, a resident of Burns Beach in Perth has written a letter to their neighbor asking them to close their window when cooking meat, on behalf of their vegan family members.

The letter, which was presented with the words "PLEASE TAKE SERIOUSLY" written on the front, explains that the smell of meat cooking makes the family feel sick and upset, as they only eat plant-based foods.

The letter, which was posted on Hey Perth's Facebook page, has received hundreds of reactions, with many users expressing surprise and disbelief at the request.

Some have even responded by jokingly suggesting they would cook even more meat to annoy the vegan family.

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