Watch: Video of Jackson Mahomes Forcefully Kissing Waitress Goes Viral

Credit: Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

Jackson Mahomes, brother of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been accused of assaulting a 40-year-old restaurant employee, Aspen Vaughn, at Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park on February 25.

The incident was reported by Vaughn who claimed that Mahomes repeatedly pushed a 19-year-old waiter at the establishment.

A surveillance video that has since gone viral appears to show Mahomes forcefully kissing Vaughn twice by the neck.

Vaughn alleged that she suffered a bruise on her neck, and she had to call for help from someone outside the office when Mahomes persisted despite her pushing him away.

Mahomes’ attorney, Brandan Davies, denied the allegations, stating that their investigation found significant evidence to disprove the accusations made by the accuser, including statements from multiple witnesses.

Davies added that they had provided their findings to law enforcement to ensure a complete understanding of the incident. The incident was reported in early March by the Kansas City Star.

Despite the available video footage and Vaughn’s testimony, the legal process is ongoing, and it is important to presume the innocence of the accused until proven guilty.

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