Pete Davidson Tries to Reconnect with Kim Kardashian at Met Gala: Expert

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Comedian Pete Davidson attempted to rekindle his friendship with former lover Kim Kardashian during their encounter at Met Gala 2023, nearly eight months after their breakup, according to a body language expert who analyzed a viral photograph of the pair.

In the photos, Usher also appeared to be engaged in conversation with Kardashian, but the expert told The Sun that Davidson displayed an eagerness to regain her attention through his widened eyes and head tilt.

The expert also noted that Kardashian seemed to use the reunion to her advantage by being the center of attention for both men.

Kardashian and Davidson ended their nine-month relationship in August 2022 due to the challenges of long distance and hectic work schedules.

The expert concluded that Davidson's body language conveyed his desire to rebuild his friendship with Kardashian.

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