Video of Matty Healy Kissing Male Security Guard on the Lips Goes Viral

Credit: The 1975/Instagram

Matty Healy made a big impression at the 2023 NorthSide Festival in Denmark. While performing their song "Robbers," he surprised everyone by kissing a male security guard on the lips. This is something he often does during this song, and it always gets the crowd excited.

Matty was wearing a reflective vest, and the security guard didn't expect the kiss. He thought he was going to get a peck on the cheek, but Matty went further and kissed him on the lips. People watching the concert went wild.

This kissing stunt is something Matty has been doing since November 2022. He kisses fans, regardless of their gender, during performances of "Robbers," which is a song from their album released in 2013.

At the beginning of the show, Matty was wearing an eyepatch over his right eye. He explained that he had an accident in the morning when a guitar pick irritated and swelled his eye. But he quickly decided to remove the eyepatch because he didn't want to look like a "pretentious pirate."

During the concert, Matty also talked about a recent incident where he received criticism for his reaction to offensive comments on a podcast called The Adam Friedland Show. He discussed his attitude towards vulgarity and how it affects his life.

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