Kim Kardashian Admits Crush on Tom Brady, But Representatives Deny Romantic Involvement

Credit: Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian has allegedly confided in her close circle of friends about her admiration for Tom Brady; however, it appears that there is no romantic involvement between them.

The speculations surrounding Kim and Tom's potential romance were fueled when the two were seen together at the highly anticipated White Party hosted by Michael Rubin in The Hamptons during the Fourth of July weekend.

Despite their joint appearance at the festive gathering, their interaction was limited, as a source revealed that they exchanged brief pleasantries upon Kim's arrival. The source informed People magazine, stating, "[They] said hi briefly when she arrived at the party."

Later in the evening, Kim, perhaps emboldened by the atmosphere, reportedly confessed to her friends that she holds a crush on Tom. The source overheard her sharing this sentiment, shedding light on her admiration for the acclaimed football player.

Contrary to the swirling rumors, another source emphasized that Kim and Tom had minimal interaction at the party and barely exchanged greetings. This additional insight, provided to the same publication, reinforces the notion that their encounters were relatively inconspicuous.

Meanwhile, an individual with insider knowledge, who attended the annual white party hosted by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, disclosed to OK magazine that Tom and Kim displayed a degree of flirtation. This source alleged that the duo was observed spending time together on the beach during the day and engaging in dance later in the night.

However, representatives for Tom Brady have reportedly dismissed the rumors regarding an affair between him and Kim Kardashian. According to these representatives, although they share mutual friends and business connections, they are not involved in a romantic relationship.

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