Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro Critiques Casting Choice for Snow White Remake

Credit: Ben Shapiro/Facebook

Ben Shapiro has once again expressed his opinions on children's films, this time focusing on Snow White.

Following his recent criticism of Barbie, in which his predictions about its box office performance proved incorrect, the conservative commentator has voiced his concerns about Disney's choice to cast a Latin actor for the role of Snow White.

Rachel Zegler, a 22-year-old actor of Colombian and Polish descent, has been selected to portray the princess in the upcoming live-action remake of the beloved animated classic.

Zegler, recognized for her roles in West Side Story and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, has generated buzz with her involvement in the project.

Shapiro's critique of the casting decision revolved around the name of the character. He stated, "They've cast Snow White. Snow White is now going to be played by Rachel Zegler. OK?"

He continued by mentioning that Rachel Zegler's name is Snow White and that this might be perceived as racist, although the fairy tale itself features a character named Snow White.

Credit: Rachel Zegler/Instagram

Further elaborating on his viewpoint, Shapiro pointed out that in the original Snow White tale, the character is described as having "skin white as snow." He emphasized that the word "white" is a part of her name and is the reason behind her appellation.

Shapiro expressed his view that this casting might be seen as an intentional deviation from the established norm, even though he acknowledged Rachel Zegler's talents.

While Rachel Zegler's casting had already been announced, the release of new behind-the-scenes photos from the production has reignited discussions about the film.

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