Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Spotted Getting Cozy in London Amidst Dating Rumors

Credit: Harry Styles/Taylor Russell/Instagram

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are making people wonder if they're dating. The singer and the Canadian actress were seen getting close in London. After Taylor's performance in "The Effect" play at the National Theatre, they were spotted together. Harry had his arm around Taylor, and they were both smiling and laughing.

After the show, Harry went into Taylor's dressing room. A source told Page Six that it seemed like they were holding hands. Harry stuck by Taylor's side, introduced her to someone named James, and they were chatting and laughing.

Later, they went to a party at a bar and stayed for about an hour. After that, Harry left carrying Taylor's suitcase and purse.

People started talking about Harry and Taylor being a couple in June. This was a few months after Harry broke up with Olivia Wilde. Some pictures showed them leaving a contemporary art gallery in London, but they didn't do anything romantic. They seemed happy as they walked together to a black car parked near the gallery.

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