Jungkook Reveals Key to BTS's Global Popularity: Captivating Performances and Holistic Appeal

Credit: calvinklein/instagram

Jungkook openly discussed BTS's global fame and shed light on the reasons he believes the Korean boy band has garnered a worldwide fanbase despite the language barrier.

During a conversation with SiriusXM, the 25-year-old singer shared that the group's mesmerizing performances are the primary draw for people across the globe.

According to Jungkook, RM, one of the members, previously mentioned that K-pop's appeal lies not only in its performance aspect but also in the combined elements and content that form a comprehensive package.

This holistic approach, as RM described, is what captures the interest of numerous individuals worldwide, Jungkook added.

When asked to recommend a BTS song to someone unfamiliar with K-pop, Jungkook suggested "IDOL."

He believes this 2018 track exudes a commanding energy that exemplifies the essence of Korean idols.

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