Netflix's 'Heartstopper' Star Joe Locke Addresses Rumors, Opens Up About His True Sexuality Amid Fan Speculation

Credit: Joe Locke/Instagram

After acting in the show "Heartstopper" on Netflix, Joe Locke became really famous with his co-star Kit Connor, who plays Nick. People on the internet started guessing about their sexualities. Some thought Joe was openly gay, but he never really talked about it.

But then, in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Joe said that he's gay, something he had never said before. He actually knew he was gay since he was nine years old. Joe was worried about how his family and friends would react, so he kept it private for a while.

Joe also talked about how sometimes he feels guilty that his family and friends might get negative attention because of him. He wants everyone to understand each other's boundaries.

Kit Connor, his co-star, came out as bisexual on social media after people pressured him to say it. He didn't like being pushed to share his private life.

It's surprising that fans of the show, which is all about accepting different sexual orientations and dealing with bullying, would treat Joe and Kit this way. But now they're in a better place, and the second season of the show is out and just as good as the first one.

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