Prince Harry Advocates for Inclusion of Meghan Markle in Crucial Peace Talks with King Charles

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

Prince Harry reportedly insists on his wife, Meghan Markle, being included in upcoming peace talks with King Charles.

As he prepares to travel to Europe alongside Meghan in the coming week, the Duke of Sussex is keen on her participation in the discussions aimed at reconciliation.

Sources have revealed that while Harry is eager to engage in discussions with his father to address their differences, he wants Meghan to be an integral part of this process.

The decision to include her comes after ongoing deliberations to bring together King Charles and his son, Prince Harry.

Initially, talks were considered during Harry's visit for the Coronation, but due to concerns about the King's stress levels, this was postponed.

Now, the focus has shifted to a potential date of September 17th for the talks, which would allow both Charles and Harry to be present.

The finer aspects of this significant meeting are currently being fine-tuned by their respective teams.

This indicates the seriousness with which both parties are approaching the opportunity to mend their relationship.

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