Shawn Mendes Candidly Discusses Frustrations and Sympathies Amid Ongoing Sexuality Rumors

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Shawn Mendes has once again opened up about the ongoing rumors regarding his sexuality. The singer has shared his frustrations and complex emotions tied to these speculations.

Mendes, known for his hit song "Stitches," has revealed that he often found the rumors about his sexuality to be a source of annoyance.

He admitted to feeling a mixture of anger and sympathy towards individuals who were gay but felt compelled to keep it hidden.

Discussing this sensitive matter, Mendes confessed, was a challenging endeavor for him due to the intricate feelings involved.

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During a podcast conversation on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" in 2020, the star was candid about his experiences.

He revealed that he had been subjected to similar stories and assumptions about his sexuality since he was a mere 15-year-old.

Mendes further delved into his emotions, stating, "It was so, so frustrating for me because there were some people in my life that I was very, very close to who were gay and in the closet, and I was filled with rage for those folks. You want to say, I'm not gay, but it would be fine if I were. However, there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, but I am not. Everyone's been calling me gay since I was 15 years old."

The singer also provided insight into why some individuals around him had questioned his sexual orientation.

He mentioned that he didn't conform to typical childhood activities like wrestling, which led to questions.

Additionally, he believed that aspects such as his voice and the way he sat may have contributed to the early assumptions about his sexuality.

"I'm like, 'How do I sit?’ I'm always the first to cross my legs and sit in a feminine stance, and I really suffered because of it."

In this way, Shawn Mendes has once again addressed the persistent rumors and complex emotions tied to them, shedding light on his personal experiences and feelings surrounding the matter.

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